Mackie PPM 1008 powered mixer

Mackie PPM 1008 powered mixer

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The PPM1008 features 800W + 800W peak Class-D, Fast RecoveryTM power ampli ers, six mono mic/line channels each with 3-band Perkins EQ and sweepable mid and two stereo mic/line/RCA channels each with 4-band Perkins EQ.

The PPM1008 is equipped with a 32-bit RMFX+TM processor featuring 24 effects with tap delay, dual 9-band graphic EQ (one for mains, one for monitors) and dedicated in-line compressors on the rst four channels.

Each mono channel has a premium Mackie mic preamp, a low/high gain switch, one Mon send and one FX/Mon send and a Channel Insert jack for connecting an external processor.

There are built-in DIs on channels ve and six for direct connection of guitars or bass, a 1/4-inch stereo footswitch jack for muting effects and a subwoofer output.

Other features include +48V phantom power, stereo tape output, stereo 12-segment LED meters and TRS stereo output jacks.

Despite its large channel count, the PPM1008 is ultra-light. Plus, it’s a Mackie which means it is “Built-Like-A-Tank” and will survive years of abuse.