Jan Garrett & JD Martin in Concert | 3/7

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Jan Garrett & JD Martin in Concert

Saturday, March 7 | 7pm | $20

Grand Mesa Arts & Events Center

The Heart of Harmony

There's a Heart of Harmony we are all longing to tune into.
It's the direct experience of remembering with great relief, who we really are.
The words suggest a path, the music takes us there.

“Jan Garrett and JD Martin’s music throws me into ‘gushmatic overdrive.’  Their performances and recordings are a spectacularly creative collection of heartsongs, inspired life lessons sung with ease and joy, reminding me again that every day is a gift…..”~Paul Williams, Grammy award-winning singer, songwriter, actor, author and recovery advocate www.PaulWilliamsOfficial.com

  • Universally uplifting and inspiring….Garrett & Martin defy borders and categories, embracing and celebrating all spiritual traditions and philosophical perspectives centered in the heart.

  • The songs are deep and moving, fiery and funny, a feast of musical endorphins, lyrical depth, luscious vocal harmonies, and melodies that soar.

  • Rich and intelligent….Music to open the heart and refresh the spirit…A velvet-hammer wake-up call as satisfying to the soul as it is to the ear.

  • Garrett & Martin’s music is a soulful ride through light and shadow, reminding us that wherever we go, we’re already home.

Jan Garrett and JD Martin on YouTube